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“We didn’t realize how much time we’d save until you took over the financial admin of the business. No more chasing payments, dealing with creditors or watching the bank account – Jill has been brilliant.

It has all worked better than expected. Even though you’re not in London, it appears to make no difference. Things get done faster and more efficiently now that your staff have taken over. It’s taken a big worry off my shoulders , and I’m able to focus on what I do best – bringing in the business!”

Richard H Carlisle
Templar Downie Limited

"Your Store provides a very cost effective service that can replace a whole accounts department, because the Your Store team includes the skills of a PLC Finance Director, qualified accountants, sales and bought ledger clerks, and payroll. This has meant that we are able to have all of these skills available to us for a fraction of the cost of employing the individual skills directly.

We have always found the team to be very responsive to our needs, and produce our required accounting information in a timely and accurate fashion. Even though we are of a size to consider having a full in house accounts department, I would find it inconceivable that I could be persuaded that it would be cost effective or more efficient to do so."

James Denning
Managing Director
Ascendant Technologies Limited


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